Fourth Of July

Here are a few pictures from my Fourth of July weekend, a visit to my wife’s aunt and uncle’s place up north.

The night we got up there, a bunch of the kids were out on kayaks and paddle boards. The light was cool, and a good subject. Not a bad way to start a weekend I wanted to do some shooting.

My wife’s cousin and her daughter, sitting in front of tent city in the back yard.

Fun with face paint.

One of her uncle’s boats with a home made tow tower on it. We do a lot of knee boarding and tubing off of it.


More sunrise


One of the first shots on one of the mornings. I was awake as golden hour started, and got a bunch of nice shots.

This was a test shot I took setting up for a self portrait. I may use the self portrait at some point, but the light started to change, and cool down a lot.

Bow fishing from the pier.

Tiki torch.

Two of my wife’s cousins. The one in the back built the boat out of plywood and fiberglass.

One of my favorite shots of the boat.

My brother relaxing.


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