More Tractor Photos

These are photos of some tractors owned by a father and son that attend our church. They collect Minneapolis-Moline tractors, and were out there working on them while I was shooting, so I got a chance to hear some of the history of the machines. All the photos are with my D100, and theĀ 60mm f2.8D Micro-Nikkor, unless otherwise noted. RAW processing in Capture One Express.

Engine of a Minneapolis-Moline Jetstar 3 tractor. 18-55, ISO 200, 1/750th at f/5.6.

Controls on the Jet Star 3. 18-55, ISO 200, 1/180th at f/5.6
Details of one of the tires. 18-55, ISO 200, 1/320th at f/5.6.
Steering linkage on the Jetstar. ISO 200, 1/160th at f/11.
Shot of the grille on the Jetstar. ISO 200, 1/200 at f3.3
The Minneapolis-Moline logo. ISO 200, 1/400th at f/3.3
Another Jetstar with a backhoe attachment. ISO 200, 1/400th at f/3.3.
Control levers for the hydraulics on backhoe tractor. ISO 200, 1/250th at f/8.
Watching paint peel. ISO 200, 1/400th at f/9.
Logo of a Jet Star Two tractor, one of 1100 made. ISO 200, 1/500th at f/9.
Tractor axle. ISO 200, 1/160th at f/9.

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