Free Capture One Styles

Using presets, or Styles, as Phase One calls them, can give you a major head start while editing. Looks that could take several minutes each to try can be applied with a click, and removed just as quickly. This allows you to quickly test different looks, which you might not try otherwise.

I am pleased to offer you a set of 15 custom styles, available only on, developed by me for my readers.

There are five sets of three styles, with one being the least intense, through three, being the strongest.

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The sets are:

BW Landscape – Black and white, suitable for landscapes, but try it on anything

Cyan-Sepia Split Tones – My favorite B&W Split tone look, this is based on a darkroom process of cyanotoning and sepia toning a print. The Cyan hit the shadows first, and the sepia the highlights.

Old Film – a fun look with some desaturation and color shift.

Orange-Teal – Based on the look popular in films, the Orange-Teal presets offer a dramatic cinematic look for your images.

Color Landscape – intensified blues and added contrast punch up color landscape edits.

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