Old World Wisconsin Trip

Last weekend my wife, sister in law, our niece and I took a trip to Old World Wisconsin, an open air museum and reenactment site. Here are some pictures I took along the way.

They recently introduced a new bicycle exhibit, with high wheelers, tricycles and other similar vehicles.

The brake, fork, and wheel with hard rubber tire on a high-wheel bicycle.
The brake, fork, and wheel with hard rubber tire on a high-wheel bicycle.

The next picture is taken inside St Peter’s Catholic Church, which was the first Catholic Church in Milwaukee, and was moved 4 times before finally ending up at Old World Wisconsin.

One of the staff demonstrating a foot-pumped reed organ. From the research I did, it appears to be a Kimball, rebranded as Thiery Milwaukee.

The blacksmith shop was one of the places I really wanted to see. The man working there was really cool, and had our niece operate one of the pumps. The people there really try to get people involved in the things they are doing. The blacksmith also produces some of the period pieces for repair and restoration at the site.

In the blacksmith shop
The blacksmith forming the handle on a candle holder.
Blacksmith at work
Straw roof on a barn. According to the people there, a roof like this could last 40-50 years, much longer than I would have guessed.
Working flax for linen.
Flax almost ready to spin.
Utensils in a kitchen
Coffee. Now you are talking my language. At this time, coffee was shipped green, and roasted within a month or so of brewing. Still the best way, but I let the local coffee companies do it.

I can highly recommend a visit to Old World Wisconsin if you are in the area. This was my first trip, but I will definitely be returning.

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