Take Better Pictures By Switching Things Up

While creating your style is important in photography and other arts, sometimes switching things up can open new doors, and improve your “normal” work. Switching things up forces you to see things in new ways, and may open up new ideas. Maybe you won’t use anything you take in these sessions, but they will help you to think outside the box in your normal work.

Here are ten suggestions for ways to switch up your work:

There are a number of options to rent gear, search for “photo rentals <your city>” or go to a site like borrowlenses.com or lensprotogo.com. Better yet, borrow it from a friend, maybe in exchange for lending them something.


By using some of these ideas you can flex your creative muscles and improve your work overall. You don’t actually need to use the photographs you take, it is an exercise to improve your work overall.

What ideas do you think would be most helpful? What did I miss? Leave your ideas in the comments.

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